The Program

In the wake of the 2008 crisis and its reverberation on the philanthropic arena in Israel, IVN identified the need to help non-profit organizations and social businesses increase their viability and reduce their dependence on philanthropy by generating income through the provision of products and services, thereby ensuring their sustainability and increasing their social impact. As a result, traditional philanthropy is slowly being replaced by social investments. IVN, together with its Israeli and international social investors, is at the forefront of this movement in Israel

IVN’S Social Business Program: Our current Social Business Program, a model of selection, mentoring, capacity building and financing of high-potential social businesses. The Program, currently in its fourth year, is a 3-5 year investment program, enabling social ventures to become self-sustaining and transform into income-generating, social enterprises.

Area of Activity: In an effort to reduce poverty and increase employment in Israel, IVN is investing in social businesses focused on the area of employment and career advancement for disadvantaged & vulnerable populations, including people with special needs, at-risk youth, ultra-Orthodox, Arabs and Ethiopians.

What is a social venture?

As a result of today’s economic realities, the gap between traditional nonprofits organizations to traditional for-profits businesses has been slowly filled by a range of hybrid ventures. These hybrids include (i) nonprofit organizations with income generating activities and (ii) social businesses – social mission driven businesses whose revenues are channeled back into the business to achieve their social purpose.