Tandem Fund





The Tandem Fund, Israel’s very first social business fund, was launched by IVN in 2013.  The Fund supports businesses that pursue innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to social challenges by applying business standards and practices. The Fund backs economic development models, employment and education-focused ventures.  In addition to providing working capital, portfolio companies benefit from mentoring and guidance provided by IVN’s staff and extensive network of entrepreneurs and executives in Israel and the U.S.

The Fund places every dollar of investment into social businesses in the form of loans.  Once the loan is repaid, IVN redistributes the same capital to other promising social ventures, insuring that the money keeps getting reinvested; over a period of 10 years, investments are leveraged 2.5 times.  The Fund also serves as a beta-site to allow IVN to invest in new sectors, business models and areas of business.

Investment Committee

IVN’s Tandem Fund is led and managed by principals who have backgrounds in both business entrepreneurship and social change. The IVN Tandem Fund Investment Committee team includes:

  • Eric Benhamou — IVN Chairman
  • Benny Levin — IVN Vice-Chairman
  • Itzik Danziger — IVN Investment Committee Chairman
  • Elah Alkalay – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Yael Biran  – IVN Board Member
  • Brenda Morginstin – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Reuven Reif, Esq. – IVN Investment Committee Member
  • Vincent Worms  – IVN Board Member

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