IVN Social Investment Funds

A Social Investment Fund achieves social impact through building and investing in social businesses, similar to a venture capital fund. IVN currently manages three Social Investment Funds, each active in different areas.

IVN’s Social Investment Funds provide funding as well as mentoring and guidance to our portfolio partners to help grow their business.  Since 2001, we have formed three social investment funds designed to provide low-cost loans, grants or capital investment, as well as a broad team of cross-functional professionals, to select mission-driven partners while providing investors with both financial and social returns.  Our fund investors include foundations, philanthropies and accredited corporate and individual investors. Those investing directly in one of IVN’s Funds are leveraging their investments, as capital is first distributed to our social businesses and upon repayment is cycled out to other social businesses.

Performance and Reporting

IVN is also developing new criteria for evaluating social business investments.  As such, we are investing resources to develop and maintain standardized metrics for measuring and evaluating ROI & SROI – both for ourselves and for the social businesses we support.

Investors are provided with both Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Return on Investment (ROI) data as follows:

  • Financial Report: Once a year
  • SROI Report: Once a year, based on measurement of social performance indicators

Our Investors

Our investors understand that financial performance goes hand-in-hand with social and environmental responsibility. Their faith in IVN and the Tandem Fund allows us to encourage and nurture Israel’s emerging social business sector and positively influence and shape its social landscape long-term.


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