IVN - Israel Venture Network

Business Solutions. Social Impact.

Our Approach​

By combining business acumen and financing with high-impact social programs, we work towards narrowing social gaps in Israel. 

Investing in social impact

Many years of experience in the field of social change led us to establish three social impact funds, that identify, mentor and invest in ventures that have potential for both financial sustainability and significant social impact.

Our Social Impact Investment Funds:

IVN yozma fund​ $7.5M​

Fund’s focus:

Employment for youth-at-risk, people with special needs, recovering addicts, released convicts, the chronically unemployed, the elderly and single parents.

The first tri-sector Fund, pooling government, private and philanthropic capital, IVN Yozma began operating in 2015, in collaboration with the National Insurance Institute, the National Economic Council and the Ministry of Finance. The Yozma Fund provides investors and philanthropies with a unique opportunity to support social causes with significantly reduced risk.  Specifically, as the Israeli government invests in the Fund, it mitigates the risk of private and philanthropic monies. Yozma Fund operates as a company for the public benefit under the IVN association.

IVN Tandem fund $1.5M

Fund’s focus:

Economic development models, employment
and education-focused ventures. 

The Tandem Fund, Israel’s very first social impact investment fund, was launched by IVN in 2013. The Fund places every dollar of investment into impact ventures in the form of loans. Once the loan is repaid, IVN redistributes the same capital to other promising social ventures, ensuring that the money keeps getting reinvested; over a period of 10 years, investments are leveraged 2.5 times.

For more information and applying, press here.

IVN Seed fund $500K

Fund’s focus:

Disadvantaged populations and economic development.

Established in 2014, in partnership with Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, IVN Seed Fund supports early stage impact ventures. This fund aims to provide young social impact entrepreneurs with initial funding and mentoring to get their ventures off the ground, and develop a pipeline of promising impact ventures for IVN’s other funds.

investing in Israel's social impact ecosystem

how we work:

Sourcing & Selection ​

We look at a wide range of impact businesses compatible with the goals and objectives of our investment funds. We than conduct a rigorous due diligence process and submit recommendations to our investment committees. Our investment committees are comprised of senior business people from Israel and the US.


We provide social investments and attractive loans/equity to our portfolio social impact businesses. Our funds are derived from business, governement and philanthropic sources. 

Mentoring & Support

Our network of volunteer mentors open doors, make relevant business connections, and aid impact entrepreneurs in developing their own management and business skills.


We have developed measurement tools (SROI – Social return on investment) that help businesses evaluate their social impact.