IVN - Israel Venture Network

Business Solutions. Social Impact.

Our Network

IVN was established nearly twenty years ago by a group of successful Israeli and American hi-tech entrepreneurs and investors who were concerned about the growing social gaps in Israeli society. They set about to apply their considerable management skills, experience and expertise, to create a strong network of people committed to solving social challenges using business solutions.

The global board of IVN

Eric Benhamou

Executive Board Member

Benny Levin

Executive Board member

Itsik Danziger

Executive Board member

Yael Biran

Board member

Daniel Posner

board member

Arik Yaari

Board member

Claudio Yarza

board member

Our Team​

michal woolfson

CE0 YOZMA – IVN fund Director – IVN funds

varda shoham

Director - IVN Seed Fund

lilach bnaya

Head of Friends and Mentors Network

Our Network​

Wish to become a mentor?

A unique group of approximately 120 business people from different fields of expertise who are passionate about harnessing their accumulated knowledge, connections and influence to benefit our portfolio impact ventures. The network also provides expertise in due diligence to support our investment decisions, ensuring that our efforts are focused on businesses that are most likely to be both sustainable and have a significant and measurable impact on Israel’s social landscape.

Join our network of seasoned business people, and share your skills and connections with our portfolio impact companies.