Ort Zur Barak

Ort Zur Barak is a vocational school near the southern town of Ashkelon. It was founded by the Israel industrialist Stef Wertheimer in collaboration with IDF’s Ordnance Corps. The school is supervised by the Ministry of Finance and part of the ORT Israel Network.

Ort Zur Barak offers a wide range of vocational training programs for youth-at-risk from southern Israel aged 14-18. The vision is to provide these young people with a profession for life, to teach them the social skills necessary for social mobility and for maximizing their educational potential. In a newly created program, youth-at-risk studying at the school will be employed in Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) and carpentry workshops on the school’s premises.

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Youth at Risk and Education




Near Ashkelon, at Julis army camp

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IVN Seed Fund Program​ (Alumni)