WeBetter is a digital marketing agency employing ultra-Orthodox men and women. Like most digital agencies, WeBetter specializes in providing a suite of digital marketing solutions on the Internet and in social media – marketing campaigns, web presence and search engine optimization; But unlike other digital agencies, its main target audience is, or at least initially was, the ultra-Orthodox population.

Shmuel Drilman, the owner and manager of WeBetter, stated the following in Yoni Kedem’s article on the Pashkavil website:

“In the ultra-Orthodox sector, there is significantly less expertise in internet technologies and social networks.  As such, in order to reach this sector,  there is a need for both trained individuals as well as knowledge of their cultural sensitivities. Thanks to our unique expertise, we now serve customers from the general sector who want to reach the ultra-Orthodox community as well as religious and ultra-Orthodox customers who want to reach the general public and international markets.”

WeBetter is a social business that is adapted not only to ultra-Orthodox consumers, but also to ultra-Orthodox men and women seeking employment.  “It is important to note that WeBetter is based on the concept of ’employee at the center’, so we invest in locating and recruiting young talent from the ultra-Orthodox population with promising potential, while developing the quality and professionalism of the existing staff. Based on funding and mentoring provided by Israel Venture Network (IVN), we have created a special training program which allows us to recruit, train and employ individuals without any prior experience in the field.”

WeBetter was chosen to be one of five projects that were sponsored by IVN’s Seed Fund in partnership with Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in 2015, and after 3 years of activity and growth, joined the social entrepreneurship program of the IVN Tandem Fund, which promotes social businesses in more mature stages of their business activities.

To Yoni Kedem’s article in Hebrew on the Pashkavil site