According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 50% of the workforce will have to re-skill, due to the rapid rise of AI technologies. One of their main pieces of advice is that creative skills are key for people’s resilience.

MonteVideo is a social innovation enterprise (SIE) focused on employment in creative jobs in order to acquire both creative skills and professional experience.
Our staff incorporates 50% re-skilled adult members and 50% teenagers (15-17). all employees are empowered by a hybrid learning environment including: digital literacy programs, small groups design thinking and personal tutoring.
“We make amazing activities that no one hears about them” is a common pain point expressed among our clients.

MonteVideo expertise in solving business challenges using digital content such as video explainers, online conferences production, graphics and photoshoots for organizations.
We are both innovative and authentic from strategy to user experience.  

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