IVN Members & Mentors

IVN Members & Mentors are part of an elite network of senior business executives, dedicated and committed to the betterment of Israel’s social landscape.

Member involvement is instrumental in helping our social ventures realize their dreams.

  • Developing an overarching investment strategy applying the most innovative social finance models aimed at bridging societal gaps
  • Implementing a rigorous process of social gap identification and selection of social ventures capable of having the highest possible, sustainable impact on the identified social gaps
  • Providing operational oversight on the ground, based on established business management practices
  • Developing strategic partnerships in order to reach sustainable and replicable social impact.

We are grateful to our almost 100 members. Your experience, time, talent and financial support are instrumental in helping us shape a better Israel.

Join Us

At some point in our lives we all develop the desire to give back to society; to put to work what we have been fortunate to accumulate over the years and give to those less fortunate. But how do you do it? Investing your time, talent, and money for the benefit of society is not something to be taken lightly. How do you find the ‘right’ cause – a cause which on the one hand can make a noticeable and lasting impact while on the other, gets you interested, excited, and emotionally involved? Once you find a social venture which may be right for you, how do you qualify it? Is it well managed? Does it track its results and have measurements for success?

This is where IVN comes in. At IVN we fulfill our mission by recruiting some of the best and most successful business executives and by harnessing their resources – time, talent, and money.

You’ll receive periodic updates and invitations to intimate events presenting prominent speakers and have the unique opportunity to invest in high impact social ventures that are inline with your interests and vision while being assured that they are part of a well defined investment strategy.

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The IVN Network

Mentors are members of the IVN network. Mentorship is done on a volunteer basis. Every venture receives close guidance from at least one dedicated volunteer mentor and access to a team of horizontal mentors while included in the program. IVN is fortunate to have a quality network of active mentors who are involved in our programs and activities.

The following is a partial list of IVN members & mentors (in alphabetical order):

  • Larry Akerman, CPA

Larry is CFO of Pelephone Communications Ltd. and brings with him years of experience in the field of communications, finance and management.

  • Asa Albag

Currently a Project Manager at dbMotion, Asa brings with him two decades of experience from companies such as Allscripts and Ness Technologies.

  • Elah Alkalay

Vice President at IBI, Elah brings with her over two decades of experience in Israel’s financial markets.

  • Erez Antebi

With decades of experience in high-tech management, Erez is the former CEO of Gilat Satellites.

  • Shai Beilis

A veteran in the field of high-tech, Shai is a Managing Partner of Tamarix Ventures and also serves as Chairman and Managing Partner of Formula Ventures, Ltd.

  • Anat Ben Baruch

Former VP Marketing and Business Development at MicroSteps Technologies and VP Marketing at C.O.M (College of Management) Israel, Anat is a consultant, providing executive level strategic, marketing and organizational consulting services to numerous organizations, companies and start-ups. She brings with her deep organizational knowledge and years of marketing experience.

  • Avi Ben Zichri

Avi has over 25 years of experience in managing Hi-Tech R&D multi-disciplinary teams in corporate and start-up companies, including as COO and VP R&D at Neistar, VP R&D at Oplus Technologies (later acquired by Intel) and R&D Manager at Siemens Data Communication (Ornet).

  • Yossi Ben Shalom

Prior to co-founding DBSI Investments Ltd., Yossi served as Executive VP and CFO of Koor Industries Ltd. and as Chairman of the Board of Cimatron Ltd. & Pointer Telocation Ltd.

  • Arie Bergman

Former chairman and CEO of Mobat Communication, Arie is founder, chairman and CEO of Bartal Electronic Enclosures. He brings with him decades of experience in product design, development and manufacturing.

  • Shmuel Cohen Solel

Shmuel is the co-founder and CEO of Sweetwood Capital, a company specializing in personal capital management, bringing more than a decade of financial experience in diverse investments, private banking, capital investments and real estate investments.

  • Dr. Ilan Cohn

Ilan is a patent attorney with many years of experience and is a senior partner in Reinhold Cohn, the largest patent attorney firm in Israel. Ilan is involved in the founding and management of technology ventures and, among others, is the Chairman of Can-Fite BioPharma, a public company that is dually listed in Israel and in the USA.  Ilan is also involved in social activities and serves as a co-chairman of the Center for Israeli Education (“Chinuch Yisraeli”) movement.

  • Hadas Dayan

Previously Hadas served as a finance manager and information systems manager at IBM Holdings (now part of the Electra Group). Today she is a financial consultant and a private equity manager.

  • Maier Fenster, Esq.

Maier is the lead patent attorney responsible for medical devices & special projects at Ehrlich & Fenster.

  • Avi Fogel

Avi, a serial entrepreneur and IVN Board Member, is an active angel investor and principal & owner of Majorlee Investments, a combination hedge and VC fund focusing on tech investments. Avi has been the CEO of four technology startups in which he saw six exits.

  • Amir Goldstein

Amir has years of experience in the Israeli high-tech industry, including large companies, venture capital funds and start-up companies, among them Amdocs, Cellcom, venture capital funds and more. Amir served as head of the Foreign Ministry’s staff, and in the framework of his position, he became acquainted with the work of the government, budgeting and leading national projects. He is currently a member of several social boards, active in the community and on social issues.

  • Dr. Amir Guttman

Founder and managing partner of Aviv Venture Capital, Amir brings with him 20 years of business experience. Prior to Aviv, Amir served for 6 years as a member of the senior management of Discount Investments Corp, after serving as a senior associate at the consulting practice of Coopers & Lybrand in San Francisco.  Amir is an adjunct Professor at the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration, Tel Aviv University and serves on a number of boards.

  • Amir Halevy, Esq.

Amir is a Partner at Gross, Kleinhendler, Hodak, Halevy, Greenberg & Co. Amir’s areas of expertise are capital markets, technology & venture capital, private wealth and labor relations.

  • Yael Har Even

An experienced CEO with a business and technology development orientation, Yael has over 20 years of experience in international management, investments, business strategy and activities in various fields, from education, pharmaceuticals and services to communications, IT and infrastructure.

  • Naftali (Tali) Idan

Former CFO at Ceragon, Tali currently serves as director at Lumenis and is involved in a number of social organizations. As a seasoned financial executive, having served as CFO in leading Israeli high-tech companies, Tali brings with him years of invaluable experience.

  • Michal Kahan

Michal is currently the CEO of Lev El. Prior to Lev El Michal was a Director of Marketing for Broadcom Corporation (NADAQ: BRCM) and co-founder of Dune networks in 2001 which was then acquired by Broadcom in Dec 2009.

  • Noga Kap

Bringing over twenty years of hands-on experience in sales, finance and management in the high-tech industry, Noga is responsible for all seed and early-stage investments in BRM Hi-Tech.

  • Ronen Kaufman

With a background in sociology and behavioral studies, Ronen brings with him valuable experience. Currently a partner at Emda Technologies, Ronen has served as VP of HR at Psagot, Menora Mivtachim and Corisma.

  • Ayelet Levav

Previously an executive at Telrad and Amdocs, Ayelet is VP of Human Capital at a leading Internet company. Ayelet brings with her almost two decades of experience.

  • Vered Livne

Executive Director of Hakol Hinuch , IVN Mentor, Management Consultant, former Executive Director of the Kahn Foundation and founding Executive Director of AGENDA.

  • Moshe Matus

Currently CEO and owner of Maximize, a consulting and project management company specializing in retail management and performance improvement in companies, Moshe Matus served in various management positions at the Paz Oil Company, Clal Networks, and ACTES.

  • Rami Mittelman

Previously Senior VP and Managing Director at Verint Systems, Rami has decades of experience in leading hi-tech companies.

  • Eytan Mizrahi

With a graduate degree in social work, Eytan is the former CEO of the Israeli Association of Community Centers, a government owned company operating 170 community centers nationwide, employing more than 20,000 employees.

  • Brenda Morginstin

With years of experience in management, negotiation and building partnerships for program development with government ministries, public organizations, local government, private funds as well as numerous NGOs, Brenda, is currently a consultant for social service development. Prior to that, Brenda was Director of Service Development Funds at Israel’s National Insurance Institute (NII) and Director of Research, also at the NII.

  • Igal Nissim, CPA

Igal is a senior Financial Executive and served as Chief Financial Officer of Hi Tech public companies from 1986 until 2007. Currently Mr. Nissim is a financial adviser for Hi Tech companies and mentors SMBs and Social Entrepreneurs. Mr. Nissim is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel and received a B.A. in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University in 1981, and MA degrees (Cum Laude) in Contemporary History of the Middle East and in Diplomacy and Security from Tel Aviv University, 2014 and 2016.

  • Rachel Offer

Formerly a manager and Senior VP of HR at Comverse, Rachel is currently a management and HR consultant with over 30 years of experience.

  • Avi Ostfeld

Entrepeneur, was founder and CEO of CastUP (today a Cisco company). Avi was previously a senior manager at the Tel-Aviv Stock exchange, and today is a board member and mentor in several companies and NGO’s, acting mainly in the fields of education and technology.

  • Noga Perry

After many years in senior management positions at Comverse, Sangard, Oblicore, Navajo and Salesforce, Noga is currently engaged in business consulting and representing overseas investors seeking investment opportunities in technology companies in Israel.

  • Huli Raz

Former VP of Customer Service at Pelephone & Visa Cal, Huli is owner and CEO of a consulting firm specializing in customer service for large telecom companies in Israel.

  • Reuven Reif

Reuven was a Senior Partner at Goldfarb, Levy, Eran & Co., one of Israel’s leading law firms, until his retirement at the end of 2007 and remains Of Counsel to the firm.

  • Aviv Ron

Aviv is the CEO and Co-Founder of Huntington Property Investments.In addition to being a real estate entrepreneur he has held CEO and GM positions in several Hi-Tech companies in the US, France and Israel. Aviv is also a former management consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton.

  • Yair Sakov

Yair is currently the chairman of the Entrepreneurship Center at Ono Academic college, with over 25 years of experience in management positions in the high-tech industry, working at companies such as Intel and 3com, as well as managing a $112 million venture capital fund. His former position was Vice CEO at Alpenar, a social initiative that focuses on the directing, training and placement of Arabs in Israeli societies. In addition to his activities as a Mentor at the IVN, Yair is a member of the Board of Directors of several social businesses.

  • Eli Sasson

Eli, a seasoned executive, is a professional director and consultant of business and non-profit organizations. With decades of experience in business & strategy, he founded Minicom in 1988 and, as CEO, ran the company until it was acquired by TrippLite in 2012.

  • Rina Shainski

With a successful 20 year career leading business development and R&D in several high-growth companies, Rina is currently a General Partner at Carmel Ventures.

  • Meir Shimko

Currently the manager of the Southern Branch of the Manufacturers Association of Israel, Meir has more than two decades of experience in management, marketing and sales for firms including DAH, Tahal Engineers and Consultants, Agro Green, etc. As a consultant and entrepreneur, his areas of expertise include market development, locating partners and investors, and establishing connections for Israeli and international companies.

  • Nira Simels

With over two decades of experience in management, business development, recruitment, operations and sales, Nira is Deputy Director General for Business Relations at the Israeli Employment Service. Prior to this, she served as Managing Director of Manpower Professional Israel.

  • Edwin Slonim

Edwin has over 30 years of operational experience with high-tech companies globally, including senior management positions in Intel and CEO of prominent Israeli startups.

  • Orit Stav

Orit is a senior investment manager with more than 15 years of experience in the field of venture capital and technology, serving as a professional board member in 6 public companies. Previously, Orit served in senior positions in venture capital funds including Siemens Venture Capital and Platinum Neurone Ventures.

  • Orli Tori

With a background in microbiology, Orli currently serves as interim CEO at Bar Ilan R&D Co., as well as Executive Consultant at AS OnLine. Prior to this, Orli served as Senior VP Corporate Business Development at Neopharm group and later General Manager of Neopharm Israel.

  • Paule Tzuker

Paule is the founder and CEO of the Nisha Group, a leading contingency placement firm in Israel, specializing in the high tech and biotech industries. The Nisha Group is a subsidiary of the Danel Company, which is traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and has more than 250 employees. The Nisha Group handles professional and executive placement, recruitment and local hiring worldwide. Paula brings with her more than 25 years of valuable experience in human resources and placement.

  • Dani Tzur

An executive organizational, managerial and personal consultant to wide variety of companies, Dani brings with him two decades of experience in the field of HR. Former Deputy Director of HR in companies such as Pelephone, Strauss-Elite and Eurocom Nokia,  Dani is actively involved with educational ventures supporting employment for special needs populations and youth-at-risk. Dani has played key roles in social organizations, including serving as coordinator of a national training for the Israeli Scouts Movement and as CEO of the Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT).

  • Carmel Vernia

Previously at Intel Corp, former CTO of Comverse, Chief Scientist for the Government of Israel and Chairman of Tower Semiconductors, today Carmel is a private investor in early-stage technology companies in Israel through the Startup Factory – an Angel Club he founded and runs.

  • Dr. Oded Wachsman

Oded is a very experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience in establishing and managing medical devices and Biotech start-up companies.

  • Eran Yarkoni

Eran, a serial entrepreneur and high-tech executive, has decades of hands-on experience in establishing, financing and executive management of global ventures and companies.

  • Claudio Yarza, CPA

With 25 years of experience in the financial arena, both in the public and private sector, Claudio is a partner at Kesselman & Kesselman (PwC Israel), and a member of its Executive Board. For the last 15 years, he has headed up the Life Sciences division.