Looking for a job is not easy, but looking for a job as a person with special needs makes the issue even more complex. More than 300 people came together at a recent employment conference organized by MakshivimNet and Bank Hapoalim to discuss this very issue. Those present at the conference, potential employers and job seekers with disabilities, took part in an employment fair where job seekers were able to be interviewed by some of the leading companies in the Israeli economy. Among the organizations seeking employees were the Israel Electric Corporation, IBM, Rafael, and even the Mossad.  The conference was moderated by Lihi Lapid and Avri Gilad, and among the speakers were Erik Pinto, CEO of Bank Hapoalim, Dror Morag, member of the Executive Board of the World Zionist Organization, Avrami Toram, Commissioner for Equal Rights and more.

MakshivimNet is a social business established by Eitan ben Itzhak Klutch, who recognized that there are many mentally challenged candidates who do not receive the social support they need in the existing rehabilitation frameworks because of the fear of stigma and fear of exposure. As a result, Eitan established a virtual social rehabilitation framework for these individuals, ” Makshivim Net,” through which they are able to establish social ties in a non-threatening and private framework.
Following the success of the project, ” Makshivim Net ” expanded, and began to offer employment services to people from other disadvantaged populations (physical disabilities, senior citizens, those receiving welfare, etc.)


To view an interview with Liat Lieblin, CEO of Makshivim Net, and for the full article from the Mako Network’s  Economic TV program, press here.