Supporting Socioeconomic Development

Surf Ranch

A surfing club and a Wellness hospitality complex that
funds surfing classes and special activities
for the boys and girls who live in the
Hadassim Youth Village boarding school,
through its business activities.
The activities are consistent with the values
of the educational process in the boarding
school and aim to strengthen the trainees
and address solutions to social difficulties.
The surfing club also equips trainees to
become staff members of the surfing club.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call empowers individuals from across the societal spectrum to come together to break down social barriers, bridge community gaps, and overcome personal challenges using Community-Based Theater.

From Ethiopian immigrants, to Charedi (ultra-orthodox) women, to the elderly, to children and youth at-risk, to Arab women, to individuals with special needs, Curtain Call works with all walks of Israel’s diverse society, giving a voice, a stage, and a constructive outlet for self-expression to those who might not otherwise be heard.

In addition, we create meaningful interactions between communities that are poles apart—such as Arab and Jew, secular and orthodox, old and young, new immigrant and native Israeli, helping to foster eye-opening dialogue, push aside stereotypes and build genuine bonds of understanding and friendship.


NeWish is a business that promotes environmental both social values. The first e-commerce website for a curated selection of preloved childrenswear, in Israel. Established in 2018 with the aim to present an alternative for fast fashion and to educate parents that they can, and should, adopt a more environmentally friendly behavior, and change their shopping patterns. Giving parents and others, a high-level online shopping experience, NeWish allows its customers to hold to the values of sustainability and prudent and proportionate consumption.