Supporting People with Disabilities


An association that recycles electric motors, metal and copper materials.
The association employs workers with special needs, from the non-Jewish sector – Druze, Muslims and Christians, who also enjoy opportunities in other circles of life.
The association contributes through its activities both socially and to the creation of better greener environment.

Curtain Call

Curtain Call empowers individuals from across the societal spectrum to come together to break down social barriers, bridge community gaps, and overcome personal challenges using Community-Based Theater.

From Ethiopian immigrants, to Charedi (ultra-orthodox) women, to the elderly, to children and youth at-risk, to Arab women, to individuals with special needs, Curtain Call works with all walks of Israel’s diverse society, giving a voice, a stage, and a constructive outlet for self-expression to those who might not otherwise be heard.

In addition, we create meaningful interactions between communities that are poles apart—such as Arab and Jew, secular and orthodox, old and young, new immigrant and native Israeli, helping to foster eye-opening dialogue, push aside stereotypes and build genuine bonds of understanding and friendship.


An advertising agency specializing in branding and digital marketing, providing a safe and meaningful workplace for professionals with disabilities. All employees, including the entrepreneurs of Optimist, are professionals with disabilities, either from birth or as a result of military service.

Second from Home

Second from home Second from Home is a social business from the Neve Yaakov community, which operates a special store that encourages considerate, environmental, and social consumption. The business maintains a second-hand store that offers various products at low prices, surpluses, and second-hand products received from donations for families in need.   The store’s employees …

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Dogiz Dogiz was established to provide a comprehensive response to dog owners through various services, including conduction services, daycare, and other responses required for dog owners: food, veterinary care, a hairdresser, and more. The project employs people on the autism spectrum as dog walkers. Interacting with animals has been shown to help reduce stress, lower blood …

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