Supporting People with Disabilities


An advertising agency specializing in branding and digital marketing, providing a safe and meaningful workplace for professionals with disabilities. All employees, including the entrepreneurs of Optimist, are professionals with disabilities, either from birth or as a result of military service.

Second from Home

Second from home Second from Home is a social business from the Neve Yaakov community, which operates a special store that encourages considerate, environmental, and social consumption. The business maintains a second-hand store that offers various products at low prices, surpluses, and second-hand products received from donations for families in need.   The store’s employees …

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Dogiz Dogiz was established to provide a comprehensive response to dog owners through various services, including conduction services, daycare, and other responses required for dog owners: food, veterinary care, a hairdresser, and more. The project employs people on the autism spectrum as dog walkers. Interacting with animals has been shown to help reduce stress, lower blood …

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