Miki Chayat, the entrepreneur and director of “Haredim LaKetsev,” along with his loyal student, Yair Granovsky, were interviewed today on Channel 10’s “Boker Or” program by Dani Rop and Talya Peled Keinan.

In the interview, Miki shared the path that led him to establish the venture, which is a complete anomaly in ultra-Orthodox society. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art, which has nothing to do with ultra-Orthodox culture. So why did he open “Haredim LaLetzev?”

Miki Chayat was exposed to the Brazilian practice when he was a child by his uncle, a non-religious man who practiced Capoeira. Mickey began to practice everywhere, and very quickly other children wanted to learn from him, and that was how a small capoeira school in ultra-Orthodox society took shape.

Miki is a member of “Abada Capoeira”, the world’s largest international organization for Capoeira, which is active in 64 countries. So if it works in other countries, why not here in Israel? Thus ” Haredim LaKetsev ” – “Capoeira for Peace” was developed, in which religious, nonreligious, and Arab Capoeira students come together to train. According to Miki, Capoeira is a way of creating close communication between the various populations living in Israel – it enables children to work together, to establish a sense of belonging to the Capoeira community, which enables communication between different factions that otherwise have no common denominator. Women also have a place in ” Haredim LaKetsev ” and today a group of ultra-Orthodox girls in Bnei Brak is working with an ultra-Orthodox counselor who guides the group.

Yair Granovsky, a student of Haredim LaKetsev from the age of 6, is now 10 years old. According to Yair:

“Miki came to me in the classroom four years ago, hung up a poster on the board with a picture of himself doing a split in the air.  The whole class was excited about it, so I decided to give a try.  I came to one lesson and never stopped.  If I say, “I’m too busy” and don’t show up for class I won’t have anything, so I come to every class. And if I don’t succeed at something, I don’t stop.  I get up and keep trying until I get it right.”

“Haredim LaKetsev ” was one of four social businesses accepted into IVN’s Seed Program, in cooperation with Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, from a candidate pool of over 100 social businesses this year. The chosen ventures are early stage social ventures with potential for significant social impact. ” Haredim LaKetsev ” was included in the program out of great faith in the vision of the project’s founder and manager, Miki Chayat, and the ability of the project to influence and improve ultra-Orthodox society.

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