Will All Volunteers Please Stand Up?

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IVN Mentors, staff and entrepreneurs enjoying a night out, February 2018

When a new social business joins IVN’s portfolio, they receive more than just money. The ventures selected to join the program are accompanied by a team of volunteer mentors who work in collaboration with IVN’s professional staff. Mentors, who are senior business executives from a variety of fields – marketing, sales, finance, human resources, organizational strategy, etc. – bring their experience, expertise and resources and contribute to the success of the social businesses they mentor.

That said, for social businesses success is measured across two very different parameters; the first is the traditional method of business analysis, looking at the financial performance of the company in terms of profit and loss. The second looks at the social benefit the business provides. The purpose of the social business sector is not to generate profits for the owners, but to generate reasonable profit for the purpose of creating economic stability for the organization, while providing real social benefit with added value. The social business sector solves social problems using business tactics and models.

Social businesses are gaining momentum in Israel, and the high growth figures since their arrival to Israel demonstrate this.  The social business model presents an opportunity not only to solve social gaps in an innovative and economical way, but also provides a unique opportunity for volunteerism that harnesses knowledge from the business world. Senior business executives now have an opportunity to use their vast expertise to help bridge social gaps by serving as a volunteer mentor to these budding social businesses.

We realize that not everyone is inclined to make a long term commitment to volunteering.  This is why events like “Good Deeds Day” are so important and growing in popularity.  However, we also understand that in order to make lasting changes, and to help Israel achieve its true potential, we need more people willing to commit their time and experience.

(Based on an article which appeared in the Hebrew edition of Globes, Israel’s financial daily newspaper.)