Cinderella Stories

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On July 25th, 2012, the graduation ceremony of Cinderella’s* first-ever workshop took place at Kibbutz Shoval in the Negev. Cinderella, an IVN supported enterprise, is an innovative program that empowers women through employment and education in the Negev. Attended by close to 30 people, including officials from the regional Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, the heartwarming and emotional gathering honored the 11 women who, through Cinderella, are transforming their lives.

During the 12 week empowerment workshop, the women acquired skills relating to handling work-related dilemmas and challenges, learned how and where to modify their behavior, positive thinking and more. Great focus was placed on individual problem solving and personal empowerment, self-image, self-perception, job stigmas and strategies for self-management. The ceremony was very exciting and everyone was moved by the participants’ thoughts regarding the workshop and the impact it has had on their lives. “So much of this is possible thanks to our partnership with IVN. In addition to the workshop instructors receiving training and mentorship from IVN, IVN provides us with support, knowledge and access to a quality network of mentors & members, as well as opens doors for us that we would otherwise not have been able to open.”

Shirli Katz, Founder and Executive Director of the Eden Association *Cinderella, a program under the umbrella of the Eden Association, empowers women through employment and education in the Negev. All over Israel there are domestic help service companies that exploit socio-economically disadvantaged women who have no employment prospects due to lack of transportation, education, language and more. These women are terribly underpaid, receive no social benefits, have no accident insurance coverage and are treated like cattle. Because of their weakened situation, these women do not have the ability to stand up for their basic rights. Cinderella, under the umbrella of NGO Eden, together with IVN’s support, is changing this reality in the Negev. Cinderella is an employment and educational opportunity for all of those women who are being exploited.

Cinderella is a domestic help service company which provides safe transportation, pays a fair wage, and provides social benefits & insurance for its employees. Cinderella employees work four days a week and on the fifth day they learn a profession, in accordance with training programs and courses offered by the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor. Together we shall develop a strategic model which can be replicated, allowing the venture and its impact to be felt and scaled throughout the country.

Cinderella joined IVN’s portfolio in late 2011 as part of the Social Venture Program.