Spotlight on an IVN Social Business: Eitan – Everyone Can Do It!

Posted by on Mar 27, 2018 in News |  


Eitan – Everyone Can Do It’ is a social business training program that empowers and employs teenagers/adults on the autism spectrum. The program trains individuals in a wide range of fitness training styles including TRX, martial arts, short/long distance running, stability and movement, HIT, cross fit, triathlon, Pilates and more. Those deemed capable are then hired as assistant trainers, working alongside professional trainers conducting one on one, small groups and large group sessions for those with and without disabilities.

“Eitan” provides individuals with autism with a safe and supportive framework in which they can obtain work skills and experience, reach personal achievements and foster independence and self-esteem, which enable them to better integrate into society and live an independent or semi-independent life.