Youth of Light

The "Youth of Light" project is a social business for the manufacture of high-quality hand-made boutique candles that assists youth at risk. The project was established in 2005 and operates in the Ashkelon and the Arab village of Arabe in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Zionism 2000.

The nature of the activity and the unique approach to needs of youth at risk make the "Youth of Light" project a breakthrough both in terms of the achievements of the project and in terms of the added value it provides to boys and girls. As part of the project, the teenagers take an active part in all aspects of the social business: from product development and production, through packaging and quality control to marketing and sales, and thus earn a fair wage for their work. The protected work environment as well as the various activities integrated into the work processes enable the youth to develop their talents, acquire life skills and work values, as part of a learning process that does not take place in regular schools.

Thanks to the activities in the project, the youth acquire life skills and tools that enable them to embark on a new path and realize the potential and the light that is inherent in each and every one of them.

The “Youth of Light” joined IVN's social business program in 2018.

Status: Active

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Noga Perry
After many years in senior management positions at Comverse, Sangard, Oblicore, Navajo and Salesforce, Noga is currently engaged in business consulting and representing overseas investors seeking investment opportunities in technology companies in Israel.


IVN & Mizrahi Tefahot Bank


Number of youth-at-risk employed in Arabe

  • 2018 – 12 boys and girls (as of July, 2018)

Self generated income as % of total income

  • 2018 – 35%