Women and Their Bodies

Founded in 2005, Women and Their Bodies (WTB) is a unique women’s non-profit organization working to promote comprehensive social change in the perceptions and attitudes of women's health, sexuality and reproductive needs in Israel, which will lead to shift in perceptions and institutional change within the health and medical establishments. We at Women and Their Bodies believe that knowledge must come with an empowered understanding of one's body and health rights, fostering courage to advocate for change and enabling women in Israel to protect and promote their own health, for the benefit of themselves, their families, communities and the entire society. Women and Their Bodies is the only organization in Israel advancing an integrated approach to women's health from an awareness and prevention perspectives, rather than advancing a specific disease or service-based agenda.
Their main activities include (i) The massive task of creating local and culturally adapted Hebrew and Arabic editions of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’, an unparalleled women’s health guide, to serve the entire female population of Israel; (ii) An online information center in Hebrew and Arabic (went live in 2009) and (iii) Community outreach workshops on women’s health rights and sexuality.

We are proud to announce that the culturally adapted Hebrew edition and the first of the 3- part Arabic series of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’ was published in September 2011 and the first edition is SOLD OUT!

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2007 as part of the Social Entrepreneur Fellowship Program and was reelected in 2010 as part of the Social Venture Program.

STATUS: Mature

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Rina Shainski
With a successful 20 year career leading business development and R&D in several high-growth companies, Rina is currently a General Partner at Carmel Ventures.

Oded Wachsman
Oded is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive experience in medical devices and establishing and managing Biotech startup companies.





Number of workshops

  • 2011 – 96
  • 2012 – 125
  • 2013 – 234

Website Hits

  • 2011 – 6,142
  • 2012 – 40,719
  • 2013 – 70,344

Self-generated income as % of Total Budget

  • 2011 – 27%
  • 2012 – 29%
  • 2013 – 26%

Book Sales

  • First Edition – SOLD OUT