The Cleaning Cooperative

The Tandif Cleaning Cooperative is a new social business owned by the cleaning workers themselves that specializes in providing varied cleaning services to institutional, corporate and business customers. The Cooperative aims to provide the highest level of cleaning services while improving the working conditions and economic wellbeing of its members and to encourage businesses to retain cleaning services in a legal and fair manner while promoting corporate responsibility. The Cooperative mobilizes marginalized women from Arab society to encourage them to go out to work and to support themselves. The Cooperative integrates these women into the labor market, provides job security, income growth potential, business and leadership skills and personal & professional empowerment.

IVN's goals in this partnership are to help the Tandif Cleaning Cooperative increase its customer base and the number of women it employs and to help Tandif become a successful occupational cooperative.

The venture joined IVN's portfolio in 2016 as part of the social business program of the IVN Yozma Fund, in partnership with the Government of Israel.

Status: Active


Rachel Offer
Formerly a manager and Senior VP of HR at Comverse, Rachel is currently a management and HR consultant with over 30 years of experience.

Igal Nissim
Igal Nissim is a senior CFO and has served as Chief Financial Officer of public high-tech companies including Verint and Comverse from 1986 to 2007. Today Mr. Nissim serves as a financial advisor to high-tech companies and a mentor to small and medium businesses and social entrepreneurs. Igal is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel and received a B.A. in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University in 1981 and an MA in Middle Eastern History, Diplomacy and Security from Tel Aviv University in 2014 and 2016.

Yair Sakov
VP of Business Development at Al Fanar (an Arab-led social venture specializing in Arab workforce development and placement) and owner of the Tanor Group, Yair has decades of experience as a senior executive with international high-tech companies and VC’s, including Gilat Satellite Networks, Intel, Vertex Venture Capital, 3Com and more.



IVN and the Government of Israel within the framework of the Yozma Foundation


Number of People Employed

  • 2017 – 13

Number of New Employees from the Target Population

  • 2017 – 4

Number of Monthly Cleaning Hours

  • 2017  – 1200

Self-generated Income as % of Total Budget

  • 2017 – 100%