Sim Ve Sa

Sim Ve Sa is a joint venture between IVN and The Young Business Leadership, that trains Youth-at-Risk to repair and sell cellphones concept is to open and manage cell phone labs in various train stations and college campuses around the country and employ Youth-at-Risk.

The mission of Sim Ve Sa is to use technology as a catalyst for social change. As Israel is a global technology powerhouse, there are many employment opportunities related to technology. However, youth-at –risk are usually overlooked for this sector, because they lack the necessary tech skills as well as the general social/work skills needed to hold down a job. Unfortunately there are few companies that want to hire them because they lack the relevant skills for today’s work force and require an environment that can integrate them based on their unique needs.

Sim Ve Sa gives Youth-at-Risk a practical yet advanced technology education that they can use not only at Sim V Sa but that they can also take with them to future jobs where they will be able to command a competitive salary and be contributing members of Israel society.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2017 as part of IVN Yozma Fund, in cooperation with Bituach Leumi Fund.

STATUS: Current

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IVN Yozma Fund, in cooperation with Bituach Leumi Fund & the Young Business Leadership



Number of Youth At Risk employees 

  • 2018 (Pro.) – 8

Self-generated Income as a % of total income

  • 2018(Pro.) – 100%