Ringelblum Cafe

The Ringelblum Café is a social business that was established in 2009 by NGO Tor Hamidbar, with the assistance from the city of Beer Sheva, in order to respond to the needs of at-risk youth in Beer Sheva. Located in the impoverished “Daled” neighborhood, the menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta and more. However, Ringelblum does more than serve up café fare. Ringelblum employs at-risk teenagers, both in the kitchen and as wait staff. This year-long paid training process helps youth get back on its feet, with the aim of enlisting them in the IDF and joining the workforce. A social worker, employed at the restaurant, helps bridge the gaps between tough ‘teenhood’ and the food service. Dropouts and other teens who slip through the cracks, aged 16-18, can work at Ringelblum. The Café provides the participants with experience and the practical skills and tools necessary to enter the workforce and become self sufficient.

STATUS: Mature