Rakee’a Institute is a non-profit association producing original and groundbreaking curriculum for the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) and Dati (Orthodox) school systems in Israel. Rakee’a’s curriculum organically ties traditionally secular subjects, particularly mathematics and science, into Torah subjects, particularly Chumash. It is currently in development for primary school grade levels.

Given the increased pressure placed by the Ministry of Education in Israel on religious schools to expand their curriculum to include math and science and given the growing demand from within the Orthodox community to include some of these skills in the curriculum (albeit in a manner that does not mitigate their abilities and grounding in the areas of Torah learning and faith), it is inevitable that some middle ground will be adopted.

IVN's role is to help Rakee'a meet its goals by working with it very closely on implementing its business plan and helping to open doors in the Ministry of Education.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in mid 2013 as part of the Social Venture Program.

STATUS: Mature


Edwin Slonim
Edwin has over 30 years of operational experience with hi-tech companies globally, including senior management positions in Intel and CEO of prominent Israeli startups.

Maier Fenster
Maier is the lead patent attorney responsible for medical devices and special projects at Ehrlich & Fenster.



IVN & the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco


Number of students that used the methodology of Rakee’a

  • 2016 – 100
  • 2017 – 100