Pizza People

Pizza People is a social business venture established in the Shapira neighborhood in south Tel Aviv by seven social entrepreneurs. The business aims to employ up to 15 youth at risk by creating an appropriate and supportive framework that encourages young people to stick to their work. Employees, in addition to professional training, receive training in all areas of business - service, suppliers, money management, advertising and marketing, budgeting, human resources and shift management.

As part of the training program, young people are given an option to buy shares in the business in exchange for working hours.

Pizza People cultivates not only a stable workplace for youth and young people at risk, but also a real training program that gives employees the tools to become entrepreneurs in their own right. Even if only some of them will open a business, they will all receive tools that develop and improve their ability to support themselves and navigate themselves to the appropriate places in the workforce.

IVN's goals in this partnership are to help Pizza People stabilize its income and increase the number of jobs offered to young people at risk.

The venture joined IVN's portfolio in 2017 as part of the social business plan at Seed Stage, in partnership with the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

Status: Active

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IVN & Rothschild Caesarea Foundation



Number of employees

  • 2017 – 3

Self-generated Income as a % of total income

  • 2017 – 93%