Orbar Bakery

At Orbar Bakery, located at Kibbutz Shaar HaAmakim, over half the employees have special-needs or disabilities. Equal opportunity, and the integration of people with disabilities into the workforce, are values at the heart of the bakery. The nature and conditions of employment are built around employees’ individual needs, allowing these values to manifest. In 2018, the Orbar Bakery won the Minister of Economy and Industry’s Award for Businesses Employing People with Disabilities.

Orbar Bakery joined IVN’s portfolio in 2019 within the framework of IVN’s partnership with Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot

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Dubi Pergament
Dubi, Partner at Yanai Group, is an expert in business strategy, with a distinguished record as chairman of several industrial companies. Dubi established the consulting unit of the Kibbutz Movement during their economic crisis. He also has served as Director General of Madgal Industries. Dubi is an expert in Kibbutz real estate and commerical projects, as well as in funding for Kibbutz industry.


IVN and Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot


Number of Employees with Special Needs

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% of Employees with Special Needs

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Self generated income as % of total income

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