Optimist is an advertising agency providing a safe and meaningful workplace for professionals with disabilities. All employees, including the entrepreneurs of Optimist, are professionals with disabilities, either from birth or as a result of military service.

A social business specializing in branding and digital marketing, Optimist builds the digital media infrastructure for their customers, including websites, landing page, etc., and provides a comprehensive package of Internet branding and marketing services, with an overall view of the customer's needs.

Optimists believe that disability is a challenge and not an obstacle, and that in the right environment everyone can express his/her professional abilities and talents, produce a quality product and receive a suitable salary.

Optimist joined IVN's social business program in 2018

Status: active

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Michal Kahan

Michal is currently the CEO of Lev El. Prior to Lev El Michal was a Director of Marketing for Broadcom Corporation (NADAQ: BRCM) and co-founder of Dune networks in 2001 which was then acquired by Broadcom in Dec 2009.


IVN and Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank 


Number of employees from the target population

  • 2018 – 4 employees and 4 freelancers

Percent of employees with disabilities among all workers

  • 2018 – 100%

Self generated income as % of total income

  • 2018 – 100%