NPTech, Non Profit Technology, promotes transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in Israel’s nonprofit sector through the use of modern technologies. Those nonprofits that do not or cannot operate in a digital arena will be left behind – and so will their missions upon which so much depends. NPTech has therefore set itself the task of delivering modern technologies to the Israeli nonprofit sector via “Kolbo” (which provides relevant discounted and donated technology products from companies such as Microsoft Israel to eligible Israeli nonprofit organizations) and offers IT consulting services.

IVN’s goals within the partnership were to enable NPTech to become the leading solution provider of IT technology for the NGO sector in Israel, whilst becoming self-sustaining based on income generated.

Today NPTech sustains itself from revenues derived from the services and sales.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2010 as part of the Social Venture Program.

STATUS: Mature

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Edwin Slonim Edwin has over 30 years of operational experience with hi-tech companies globally, including senior management positions in Intel and CEO of prominent Israeli startups. Edwin has joined the board of NPTech.

Hanan Miron Hanan is CEO of the Aurum group, having held senior positions in hi-tech companies such as Schema Ltd, BackWeb Technologies and Nice Systems.


IVN, the Morningstar Foundation & United Jewish Endowment Fund of Washington


Number of Projects

  • 2012 – 40
  • 2013 – 55

Number of NGO’s

  • 2012 – 200
  • 2013 – 220