Located in Kibbutz Harduf, in the lower Galillee, Hiram is a rehabilitative center for adult with mental health problems (ages 20-35). The 3-year program teaches the participants work skills and habits within an assisted living arrangement. The products they manufacture, i.e. ceramics, jewelry, paintings etc. are sold in the Hiram store and in a store located in Tivon. The comprehensive framework includes community life, work, treatment, psychiatric care and a variety of educational and art-based workshops.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2015 as part of IVN's Tandem Fund.

STATUS: Current

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Avi Ben Zichri
Avi has over 25 years of experience in managing Hi-Tech R&D multi-disciplinary teams in corporate and start-up companies, including COO and VP R&D at Neistar, VP R&D at Oplus Technologies (later acquired by Intel) and R&D Manager at Siemens Data Communication (Ornet).


IVN & Tauber Foundation


Number of Working Hours

  • 2015 – 22,704
  • 2016 – 16,210


  • 2015 – NIS 11.2
  • 2016 – NIS 17.6

Self-generated Income as % of Total Income

  • 2015 – 93%
  • 2016  – 90%