Gvanim B’Cafe

Gvanim is a social change organization, making a difference through more than 40 projects and programs for disadvantaged populations around the country. IVN’s Social venture Program invests in one of those projects:

Gvanim B’Café is a coffee shop, event center and culinary service provider in Ashkelon that employs adults with mental illness. Working at the coffee shop enables these adults to acquire skills and confidence to help them integrate into society and the mainstream workforce in particular. Gvanim B’Café offers a variety of services, including: hosting conferences and seminars, catering services, operation of cafeterias in schools and institutions, as well as the marketing and sale of artistic and decorative items manufactured by special needs population.

IVN’s goals within the partnership are to increase the number of employees, increase their hourly salary and create a firm model that can be duplicated in other places in Israel.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2010 as part of the Social Venture Program.

STATUS: Mature

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Erez Antebi
With decades of experience in hi-tech management, Erez is the CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks.





Number of Employees

  • 2011 – 9
  • 2012 – 15
  • 2013 – 16

Hourly Wage

  • 2011 – NIS 10/hour
  • 2012 – NIS 12/hour
  • 2013 – NIS 14/hour

Self-generated Income as % of Total Budget

  • 2012 – 55%
  • 2013 – 63%