Duroos Learning Center

Located in the southern town of Rahat, the DUROOS LEARNING CENTER provides psychometric (equivalent to SAT’s) preparatory courses in Arabic for high school students and post-high school young adults in the Bedouin and Arab society. Duroos employs only local residents and has become vital to the community of Rahat. As a result if its success, additional branches were opened in the south and north of Israel.

Joined IVN’s portfolio in 2009 as part of the IVN Economic Reconstructive Initiative (IERI) and again in 2014 as part of IVN's Tandem Fund.

STATUS: Current

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Asa Albag
A seasoned Project Manager at dbMotion, Asa brings with him two decades of experience from hi-tech companies such as Allsripts and Ness Technologies.


IVN and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco



Number of Students

  • 2014: 414
  • 2015: 948
  • 2016 (projected): 1,472

Number of Scholarships provided (incl. partial)

  • 2014: 60
  • 2015: 108
  • 2016 (projected): 141

Average Psychometric Grade for Duroos Participant

550, compared to an average of 456 in general Arab population and 564 in Jewish population.


Self-generated Income

  • 2014: NIS 954k
  • 2015: NIS 2.1 mil
  • 2016 (projected): NIS 2.9 mil

Self-generated Income as % of Total Income

  • 2014: 64%
  • 2015: 87%
  • 2016 (projected): 100%