Cli Caso

Cli Caso Studio, a self-painting studio for ceramics that offers activities for individuals and groups, was founded based on a collaboration of the founder and artist Sigal Kirsch with Enosh, the Israeli Mental Health Association.

The studio is a social business that was established in order to create a unique and supportive work environment that integrates people with mental disabilities into the staff of the studio, while maintaining quality and professional service for the visitors and those who spend time in the studio. Cli Caso aims to neutralize existing stigmas regarding mental disabilities, to develop awareness of the challenges of coping with disabilities, and to help these people rehabilitate themselves and integrate into the labor market.

Cli Caso joined IVN's social business program in 2018

Status: active

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Hadas Dayan
Previously Hadas served as a finance manager and information systems manager at IBM Holdings (now part of the Electra Group). Today she is a financial consultant and a private equity manager.


IVN and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank


Number of employees from the target population

  • 2018 – 5

Self-generated Income as % of Total Income

  • 2017 – 100%