Cacao Forest

Cacao Forest, a praline and chocolate boutique, is a social business that employs girls at risk. The girls are trained and employed as chocolate makers, salespeople and as facilitators of chocolate workshops.

Cacao Forest has a number of marketing channels - direct sales in stores, online sales, phone orders from individuals and companies, sales stands at festivals, a permanent stand at the “First Station” compound in Jerusalem and chocolate workshops.

Cacao Forest works in cooperation with the non-profit Shekel Association which provides ‘Community Integration for People with Disabilities’. They operate cafes staffed by people with disabilities, coffee shops that serve as a sales channel for pralines and chocolates, and a place where chocolate workshops are conducted.

Cacao Forest joined IVN's social business program in 2018

Status: active

Cacao Forest Website



IVN and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank


Number of at-risk girls employed

  • 2018 – 6

Self-generated Income as % of Total Income

  • 2018 – 100%