Ani Shlishi

Ani Shlishi ("I am Third") is a nonprofit organization based in Tel Aviv that operates a second-hand clothing store as a means of providing opportunities of self-advancement to Israel’s youth at risk.

Ani Shlishi’s store operates much like an alternative school, serving youth whose needs have not been addressed by the public education system. Hiring at-risk youth as salespeople, Ani Shlishi guides participants through a process of experiential learning and skill acquisition involving retail sales and management, leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving. After working at the store, participants earn the opportunity to study a trade, funded in full through sales from our stores.

“First comes the greater good, the welfare of others is second, I am third.”

"Ani Shlishi" joined IVN's social business program in 2018

Status: Current

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Hadas Dayan
Previously Hadas served as a finance manager and information systems manager at IBM Holdings (now part of the Electra Group). Today she is a financial consultant and a private equity manager.


IVN and Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot


Number of youth at risk employed in the project

  • 2018 – 6

Number of youth at risk who received professional training

  • 2018 – 2

Self generated income as % of total income

  • 2018 – 40%