Take your philanthropy to the next level and become a funder of one of IVN’s 4 social business investment funds.

As a participant, your philanthropic dollars will support a specific portfolio of high impact potential social businesses that have been selected with great oversight by IVN Investment Committees, and you will receive bi-annual social investor reports summarizing the ROI and SROI of each relevant portfolio company.

Furthermore, our capital is most often deployed to social businesses in the form of low interest rate loans and upon repayment the dollars are reinvested back out in 1-2 additional ventures during the lifespan on the Fund – leveraged, venture philanthropy at its very best.

To learn more about how to become a social investor in one of IVN’s social business investment funds, please contact IVN US Director, Rebecca Schumer, at rebecca@ivnus.org or 617.817.7841

All social investments are fully tax deductible under US law.

You are encouraged to read about each of IVN’s 4 funds: