Mesila’s Venture 2012 Annual Dinner

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On Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, Mesila held its annual formal dinner at the elegant Hadar D- Mall hall in Ramat Gan, attended by over 500 guests who came to celebrate Mesila’s amazing achievements to date. Mesila, an IVN Social Venture since 2011, believes that the only effective way to combat the widespread problems of debt and poverty is to give people the financial tools to become self-sufficient. And that is exactly what Mesila is doing. Founded in 1998, Mesila is a non- profit organization dedicated to combating poverty by raising public awareness, mainly amongst the ultraorthodox community, about the importance of financial stability and independence.

From educational programs in seminaries and yeshivas to family guidance to trouble-shooting guidance programs for developing businesses, Mesila’s visionary enterprises have impacted almost every bracket of the ultraorthodox society.

The evening was filled with stimulating speeches, inspirational testimonies, a live choir and a sumptuous meal. Keynote speaker and author, Yonoson Rosenblum, inspired guests with praise for self-sufficiency and personal growth. Quoting Rav Dessler and other sources, Rabbi Rosenblum emphasized that true happiness lies not in possessions, but in taking personal responsibility for our emotions and for our behavior – especially when it comes to money.

With 25 chapters across Israel and abroad, Mesila works to promote the development of attitudes and habits that lead to financial stability and provides the necessary guidance to create and implement realistic, long-term economic solutions.