Kemach Fund Reception

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IVN Fellowship Recipients Changing the Landscape of Ultra-Orthodox Employment in Israel

Kemach Fund EventOn Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012, over 120 of Israel’s leading industrialists, government figures past and present, educationists and friends of the Kemach Fund attended a reception during Chol Hamoed Succot hosted by, the British Ambassador to Israel, Mr. Matthew Gould and founder of the Kemach Fund, Mr. Leo Noé. The reception was held at the British Ambassador’s residence.

Those present included Minister of Education Gideon Sa’ar, Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Budget and Planning Committee, Professor Manuel Trachtenberg, former Finance Minister, Beiga Shochat and a large number of overseas visitors.
The reception marked five years since the establishment of the Kemach Fund and honored its founding benefactor, British real estate mogul and philanthropist Leo Noé. Since it opened its doors in autumn 2007, Kemach has assisted more than 13,000 ultra-orthodox Jews in beginning their journey to financial independence through training and studies towards full-time employment.

IVN fellowship recipients Yechezkel Rosenbloom and Bezalel Cohen, together with their IVN mentor Shai Beilis, were leading figures in the creation of the Kemach Fund and their initiative, which helped establish an Academic program for ultra-orthodox at the Open University and envisioning its expansion, was pivotal in the development of the Kemach Fund. Today, Kemach is acknowledged as being the primary portal for any ultra-orthodox individual wishing to enter the workforce.