IVN’s Taly Dunevich Speaking at the SJNM’s Lunch & Learn Seminar

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The School of Jewish Nonprofit Management (SJNM) is committed to educating a cadre of Jewish professionals in nonprofit management, fundraising, human relations, communication, networking and marketing, who will lead, enhance and transform Jewish communities through their  Jewish identity and commitment to enhancing the quality of Jewish life.

Within this educational framework, IVN’s US Director, Taly Dunevich was invited to speak at the school’s Lunch & Learn Seminar on July 15th, 2014 on the topic of “Impact Investing for Social Change”. Taly spoke about Israel’s current economic and employment landscape and its new emerging social business* movement (fourth sector).  IVN, together with its partners, is at the forefront of this movement in Israel, is changing the way the government and the public perceive social ventures and their ability to generate lasting change.

While working with the government to promote regulations and legislation related to Israel’s emerging social business sector,  IVN operates its Social Venture Program, a model of selection, mentoring, capacity building and financing of high-potential ventures, enabling social ventures to become self-sustaining and transform into income-generating, social businesses. IVN is active mainly  in the fields of Employment and Career Advancement of Disadvantaged Populations (youth-at-risk, people with special needs, Orthodox, Arab & Ethiopian populations). To date, IVN has invested more than $1.6 million in close to 30 social businesses.

*A social business is a social mission driven enterprise that uses business tools and whose revenues are channeled back into the business to achieve its social goals. 

We invite you to watch this stimulating discourse and to see the headway that IVN is making and the challenges it faces.