IVN’s Michal Simler at the 2013 Sderot Conference for Society

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Michal Simler_Sderot2013The Sderot Conference for Society was conceived in April 2003 as a joint venture of Sapir College with the Council for Social and Economic Security. The location and name of the conference were chosen to convey a clear message: The current public discourse in Israel centered on two main meeting points, the Herzliya conference and the Caesaria conference – who together represents the political-security-economic approach, completely neglecting the third main focal point: socio-economic issues. The Sderot Conference, attended by academic, business and social leaders throughout Israel, has emerged as the third main annual public conference in Israel.

For the first time, at the 2013 Sderot Conference for Society, the discussions were held in a round-table format rather than in discussion panel format, giving all participants an equal opportunity to contribute. The opening discussion was on the topic of social business, at which financing was identified as the main obstacle facing social entrepreneurs and businesses.

After the opening discussion, the participants split into three groups, each group run by a facilitator, discussing the issue of financing tools, with the objective of returning to the full group with ideas and suggestions.

IVN’s Michal Simler acted as facilitator of one of the three groups. They discussed at great length the growing number of social businesses in Israel; the small amount of money flowing to them and about ways to change the government’s and traditional philanthropist’s perception of this emerging sector.

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