IVN’s Ecommunity at Dizengoff Center

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in News |  

20140811_105146With the end of the summer holidays approaching, families embarked on their annual quest to purchase equipment for the new school year. However, unlike in the past, school equipment now includes computer equipment.
Against this backdrop, Ecommunitya social business located in the north of Israel, is an electronic garbage recycling factory that employs people with special needs – and Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Center embarked on a partnership. This partnership was motivated by environmental and social activism. As such, Ecommunity erected a booth at Dizengoff Center for a week in August, selling affordable, refurbished computers, which not only provided computers for every budget, but also contributed to the environment and the community.

Danny Kogan established Ecommunity for personal reasons. As a result of the birth of his youngest son Jonathan, who was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy, Danny set up an electronic waste recycling plant, which employs people with special needs. What started as one man in a jeep collecting used electronic equipment, has, over the years, become a successful social business employing dozens of people with special needs.

Until the birth of Yonatan, I, like most Israelis, lacked any real awareness regarding the special needs population in Israel. When I began to come to terms with Jonathan’s limitations, I also realized that I wanted to not only be close to him, but also close to people like him. As I began to inform myself, my concern for his future grew. The constant anxiety and fear of parents with special needs children is how they will cope without us around. I visited a sheltered workshop run by a friend of mine. I saw people counting dowels. I saw their frustration. I understood that I had to find an alternative employment solution.

Ecommunity joined IVN’s Social Venture Program in 2012. As part of this partnership, IVN hope to help Ecommunity become the largest special needs employment center in Israel.