IVN Roadshow: Showcasing Portfolio Ventures in New York

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vered presenting at Pearl

Vered Mor presenting Ravtech at Pearl Cohen Zedek

In a recent roadshow, IVN showcased two of its portfolio ventures in New York City. This would not have been possible had it not been for the generosity and support of Drs. Israel & Esther Gitman, Zeev Pearl of Pearl Cohen Zedek, Pamela Averick, Joel H. Levitin of Cahill Gordon, Bob Goodkind, Frank Linde, Russ Mannis, and Mason Salit of Bank Leumi USA who opened up their homes and offices to host parlor meetings and luncheons over a 3-day period in New York. At the gatherings, IVN presented two fascinating speakers – Israeli social business entrepreneurs Yoni Yefet Raich of Kaima* and Vered Mor of Ravtech**.

Over the last four years, IVN has been focusing on Israel’s social business arena (4th sector), specifically in the area of employment and career advancement for disadvantaged & vulnerable populations, including people with special needs, at-risk youth, ultra-Orthodox, the Arabs sector and immigrants. Via our Social Venture Program, a model of mentoring, capacity building and financing of high-potential social businesses, we have met with hundreds of ventures and are currently invested in almost 30 social businesses.

A broad spectrum of people attended the events, from IVN donors familiar with the social business arena, to individuals only just being exposed to concepts of impact investment and social businesses; professional business people, to representatives of Jewish institutions and Jewish laymen organizations.
Despite their considerable differences, there was a good balance of enthusiasm for both Ravtech & Kaima and healthy equal interest in both ventures; both ideas innovative but with completely different target populations. As a result, scintillating discussions ensued.

*Kaima: engages, trains and empowers marginalized youth no longer in the school system (ages 15-18) through a multi-faceted program of hands-on organic farming. Kaima seeks to provide employable skills, offer work experience and teach teamwork.

**Ravtech: located in the ultra-Orthodox area of Bnei Brak, provides software development and testing services. All Ravtech employees are married ultra-Orthodox men who received prior training. Throughout the course of their training and while employed at Ravtech, participants continue part-time Torah studies, thus preserving their social status even when gainfully employed.

We discussed with the participants the various ways to get involved and be a part of a new, pioneering path that will significantly contribute to the narrowing of one of Israel’s major social gaps and that their involvement meant partnering not only with IVN, but also with leaders in both the social and business worlds in Israel and the Jewish community worldwide.

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For more information about how to become involved with IVN, contact:

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