IVN Mentors & Ventures Gathering

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feature picOn June 12, 2013, almost 50 IVN mentors, members and entrepreneurs filled the Bar Kayma, a cooperative vegan restaurant/bar and community center located in a very run-down area of the Florentine neighborhood of southern Tel Aviv and IVN’s newest addition to its portfolio.At the gathering, the five most recent IVN ventures presented their innovative enterprises and talked about the newly formed working partnership with IVN mentors and professionals.

IVN is thrilled to welcome these exceptional social businesses:
The Bar Kayma, established in 2012 in response to the 2012 social protests, is a cooperative located in a very run-down area of the Florentine neighborhood of southern Tel Aviv. Jointly owned by its customers and employees, Bar Kayma is quickly becoming a hub for social activity in Tel Aviv, creating a network of community run ventures solving social challenges. Its 4 floors play host to a vegan pub and restaurant, a community center for workshops and lectures and a green roof laboratory. Bar Kayma’s articles of association state that dividends are not payed out to the members, but that any and all profit must be invested back into the local community.

Throughout Israel, thousands of talented women are unemployed; thousands more are underemployed, working in jobs for which they are overqualified. Why?  Because they have young children and can’t work the hours that are required.  Jobs4mom.co.il is an online job search platform geared toward mothers seeking quality full and part-time jobs that have the flexibility necessary to combine parenting and a career that utilizes their skills and experience.  Jobs4moms is a meeting place for potential employers and job-seeking mothers and lists mom-friendly jobs – positions that offer employees flexibility in work hours.

Susan’s House was established in 2002 as a memorial to Susan Kaplansky and employs at-risk teens, ages 15 to 18 – disconnected youths out of school, out of work, and in other high-risk situations. Active in the production and sale of unique glass, jewelry and housewares, the teens at Susan’s House, under the guidance and instruction of adults, social workers and volunteer artists, not only develop job skills, but also acquire life skills and develop self-esteem & confidence, communal values and interpersonal relationships.

Every year, 40,000 university students reside in Jerusalem. Finding suitable and affordable housing and reliable, reasonably priced housing services is extremely difficult, especially as one individual. In response to last summer’s social protests against increasingly prohibitive cost-of-living standards, UniverCity was established. UniverCity, a social business active throughout Jerusalem in collaboration with the Hebrew University’s Student Union, is leveraging the large numbers of students and young people that require housing and housing services in the Jerusalem area every year and negotiating better prices and providing solutions to the broad variety of problems that students face.

The estimated number of registered NGOs in Israel is 25,000, with a 7% growth rate every year. 10% of the Israeli workforce is employed in the third sector (approx. 369,000 jobs). However, there exists a gap between the professional growth & development of these organizations and their HR structures. In response to this need, Mitam was established, providing a variety of professional, high quality recruitment and human resource services to non-profits in a sector in Israel that typically lacks the knowledge and financial capacity to hire full-time HR professionals,  thus strengthening management and as a result, the effectiveness of the organizations.

Also presenting at the event were two more IVN ventures, Sumsum and Kelim Shluvim, both of whom joined in 2012.

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We have since received wonderful feedback regarding the sense of community that the evening created, together with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and commitment regarding the emerging world of social enterprise in Israel.

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