IVN-JAFI Social Groceries Project Launched

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IMG-20151102-WA0005On December 21st, 2015, IVN together with JAFI, launched its Social Groceries Project, to help battle Israel’s high cost of living. The event, held in Sderot, featured addresses by JAFI chairman Natan Sharansky, IVN vice chairman and co-founder of NICE systems Benny Levin and Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi.

Click here to read the article from the Jerusalem Post.

The project is a joint initiative of IVN and JAFI. The Sderot grocery, which opened in October 2015, is the first of 40 stores to open throughout Israel that will increase the purchasing power and decrease the financial gaps in Israel’s socio-economic peripheral communities significantly by reducing family grocery bills. By mid-2016, five more will be operational in peripheral cities like Arad, Yerucham, Kiryat Gat and more. This model, in four years, will improve the lives and standard of living of thousands of households.

The Social Groceries Project seeks to reduce the high cost of living, improve quality of life, and boost community resilience in Israel. We are striving to close the ever-widening gap between Israel’s rich and poor, to create social unity and a stronger Israel. Our vision is that these social groceries will empower members of local communities most in need, using their untapped potential to bring about meaningful social change and social justice.
The model operates on the following key principles, which are critical to achieving our stated goals:

  • Each grocery store is run by the community for the community
  • The grocery stores are open to all members of the community
  • The stores reduce member/family food costs by providing basic food at reduced prices
  • The grocery stores operate as a social business, with profit being re-invested into the business
  • The stores focus on mutual responsibility and the improvement of collective  communal life

IMG-20151102-WA0000The following report is the first of what will become monthly updates on the progress of the Social Groceries Project of IVN and the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI).