IVN & Ecommunity: A Fruitful Partnership in Israel’s Emerging Social Business Sector

Posted by on Jul 28, 2013 in News |  

AgaEcommunity_picinst our changing world and new economic backdrop, a new sector of social enterprise – social mission driven businesses whose revenues are channeled back into the business to achieve their social purpose – has emerged. The social enterprise movement is finally gaining acceptance in Israel, although we are still significantly lagging behind the United States and England.

In a recent interview on Israel radio’s Kol Israel – Reshet Bet, IVN CEO Michal Simler and Naor Shkedi from Ecommunity, an electronic garbage recycling factory that employs special needs adults, spoke about the emerging social business sector in Israel and their partnership.
Ecommunity joined IVN’s portfolio in late 2012 as part of IVN’s Social Venture Program – a model of selection, mentoring, capacity building and financing of high-potential ventures.

To hear the full interview (in Hebrew), click here.

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