IVN and the JCFSF: 4 New Social Businesses Selected

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IVN and the JCFSF are Proud to Announce the Selection of 4 New Social Businesses.

Launched in January 2013, the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco (JCFSF) and IVN embarked on an innovative program to revolutionize its grant making efforts and promote leadership development. The program is aimed at attracting a new generation of Jewish philanthropic leaders with a deep understanding of Israel’s social issues and trends.
Using the concept of venture philanthropy, which combines theories and techniques used in venture capital strategies and business with philanthropic practice, this program provides a platform to deeply engage donors strategic grant making and tactical community investments.

Within the framework of IVN’s Social Venture Program, a cohort of 23 emerging leaders from the JCSFS are engaging in a comprehensive and intensive learning experience, as well as hands-on leadership training in the emerging field of social impact investment. In April 2013, the JCFSF group came to Israel to learn about Israel’s social landscape first-hand and finalize the selection of the first group of IVN social ventures. The group returned, at the beginning of May 2014, for another leadership tour, as well as to visit the ventures they had selected in 2013 and to finalize the selection of the second group of IVN social ventures.

IVN and the JCFSF are proud to announce the selection of four new social businesses: Ravtech – integrating ultra-Orthodox into the workforce; Duroos Learning Center – helping prepare Arab teenagers for higher education; Mach Design – developing quality products for the consumer market to promote quality employment and improved work conditions for the special needs population working in sheltered factories and for youth at risk in special programs; Juha’s Guesthouse – developing and building the socio-economic landscape of Jisr-a-Zarqa via tourism.

The program is to provide a new engagement tool to attract new and veteran donors locally in and around San Francisco, focused on the Federation’s work in Israel. IVN, at the forefront of establishing the fourth business sector (social businesses) in Israel and JCF of San Francisco, bringing the international business perspective and best practices, will cultivate a new generation of highly accomplished philanthropic business leaders.