IVN and Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot Partnership

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IVN and Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot embarked on a joint Call for Candidates to identify and select seed-stage social businesses. The goal of this partnership is two-fold: (i) to develop and grow these enterprises and (ii) to develop a pipeline of promising social businesses that will feed into IVN’s flagship program: the Social Venture Program, a development program for more mature enterprises.

Within the framework of the partnership, priority is given to social ventures with an economic-based business model, focused on social impact in the following areas: Employment and Career Advancement of Disadvantaged Populations (youth-at-risk, people with special needs, ultra-Orthodox, Arab & Ethiopian populations).

70 ventures responded to the joint call for Candidates, of which 5 were selected to join the partnership program.

  1. Under the umbrella of NGO Dolev Offim im Offi (meaning: Baking with Character), is a vocational rehabilitation enterprise employing severely at-risk teenage girls. The programming focuses on the baking and selling of pastry products to the public. The enterprise helps these girls towards financial independence and personal empowerment, and also prepares them for integration into the labor market.
  2. Women from Rahat & Netivot is a venture that provides a warm environment for Bedouin women from Rahat and orthodox Jewish women from Netivot, teaching them the soft skills necessary to integrate into the workforce and preparing them on how to combine jobs with family responsibilities. The venture then acts as a placement agency, finding the women jobs with companies in the south. Women from Rahat & Netivot works in partnership with the Israel’s Association of Community Center’s.
  3. Gal Sheli (meaning: My Wave) is a development program for at-risk youth, using wind surfing as a tool to acquire personal skills and empowerment. When a surfer falls from his board, he must immediately get up and try again. The youths are encouraged to see everyday challenges in the same way. School attendance is a prerequisite to joining the program. Upon completing the program, selected youths will join a professional course at the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports and will work as counsellors for Wingate’s surfing activities.
  4. Under the umbrella of NGO House of Wheels (range of services for children and adults with impaired mobility), Chavaya Mitgalgelet (meaning: Rolling Experience) is a venture in which House of Wheel graduates expose adults without disabilities to the everyday challenges experienced by disabled. Through their personal stories and having the participants simulate daily chores such as shopping at the supermarket, tying shoelaces, going to the ATM and more, the goal is to change how people perceive the disabled and to encourage them to employ adults with disabilities.
  5. Avodot LeHaredim addresses the major challenges faced by Israel’s Haredi population trying to integrate into the labor market. The venture promotes job placement through social networks, i.e. Facebook & WhatsApp, and provides personal and available services for those job seekers, while taking into account the unique characteristics of Haredi society.

The selected ventures receive the following:

  • Mentoring by senior business executives Reuven Reif, Esq. and Tali Idan and IVN professional Varda Shoham. Additional professional support shall be involved as necessary over the course of the year.
  • Funding – Grant of NIS 25,000-35,000 partial living stipend)
  • Capacity building tools, i.e. business plan formulation, organizational development, marketing, human resource management, and more.

In the coming weeks, business plans shall be formulated and milestones defined with the goal of growing the ventures and generating income. Some of the selected ventures are at a more advanced stage of development and are already operational.

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