A Global Look at Social Enterprises: Spotlight on the UK

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Ms. Sara Burgess, former Regulator of the Community Interest Companies UK – CIC, speaking with Avital Goel, a Social Entrepreneur and the CEO of Susan’s House Jerusalem

In the UK, the term ‘social enterprise’ covers a wide range of different ventures, each of them united by some key characteristics:

• they have a clear social purpose
• they generate a significant proportion of their income from trading
• they reinvest the majority of their profits in their social mission.

These social enterprises bring together the entrepreneurial skills of the private sector with the ethos and values of public service. They comprise thousands of different organizations using diverse business models in different markets to meet the UK’s many and varied social needs. Their origins are varied too.

The last ten years have seen a significant evolution in the social enterprise sector in the UK. There have been changes in the approach of government and new responses from the sector itself. There has been a big increase in the number of incubators, a new focus on social investment and enhanced emphasis on measuring social value. Changes in the economy are forcing traditional charities to become more entrepreneurial. Government policy is outsourcing many services traditionally delivered by government, from health care to libraries. And many businesses are choosing to consider their social and environmental impact as well as their financial profit. In short, social enterprise in the UK is a vast, growing, and rapidly changing field.

On November 6-7, 2017, IVN was honored to welcome Ms. Sara Burgess, former Regulator of the Community Interest Companies UK – CIC for her first visit to Israel.  Ms. Burgess is an internationally acclaimed thought leader on the subject of the Social Business sector.  During the 2-day visit, Ms. Burgess met with key members of the Israeli Government from the tax department, the legislative office and others, for the purposes of sharing her experience and insights as to how the right legislation can promote the advancement of the Social Business sector and provide opportunities for creative solutions to Israel’s fundamental social gaps.

excerpt from “Social enterprise in the UK: Developing a thriving social enterprise sector”

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