What is the connection between occupational diversity and social businesses? An interview with IVN entrepreneurs on the radio program “Culture Here”

Posted by on Aug 9, 2018 in News |  

During a recent edition of “Just a Question” of the radio program “Culture Here,” two social business executives from IVN’s portfolio and IVN’s seed fund manager were interviewed to shed some light on this question:


The Cleaning Cooperative in Givat Haviva

Asaf Persia tells an exciting story about the “Boys of Light”, a social business that among other things prepares young men and women at risk for the job market;

Varda Shoham, IVN’s Seed Fund Manager, speaks about the constant search for social businesses that integrate disadvantaged populations as full-fledged employees as an engine for social change;

And Amani Ka’adan of the “Cleaning Cooperative,” speaks about the change in perception and approach that women from disadvantaged populations are experiencing, as they are not just employees but in fact co-owners of the business.

Click here to listen to the full interview on the radio program (in Hebrew).