yozmaWithin the framework of the IVN-YOZMA Fund, Israel’s first tri-sectorial social business investment fund, IVN is embarking on its first Call for Candidates: to locate and invest in high impact-potential social businesses with the goal of helping them reach economic stability and sustainability and their social impact potential.What IVN provides:

  • Financing – loan or investment of up to NIS 1 million (attractive terms)
  • Mentoring – by people with rich business experience from the “IVN-YOZMA Fund” team and IVN’s network of mentors
  • Capacity-building tools   on topics such as business development, organizational development, marketing, human resource management, etc.

Who is eligible to apply:

  • Social businesses (associations /Community Interest Company / Ltd.) active in helping the following vulnerable populations:
    • Youth-at- risk (ages 15-22)
    • People with special needs
    • Recovering addicts
    • Released convicts
    • Chronically unemployed excluded from the labor market and receiving an income allowance
    • Elderly eligible for pension and income supplements
    • Single parents eligible for benefits
  • Ventures with potential long-term socio-economic benefit, by generating income and reaching profitability within a reasonable period
  • Ventures with an annual turnover of NIS 200,000 or more from self-generated income
  • Ventures that can potentially be replicated and expand to other geographic locations and/or target audiences
  • Ventures that have been active for one year or more
  • Entrepreneurs with deep commitment to their venture and its development, with business management skills

To submit an application (also in Hebrew), please contact us at Shira@ivn.org.il or 073-2903326

Good luck!