A Finer Net for our Network

Posted by on Feb 13, 2014 in News |  

From left to right: Mr. Eric Benhamou; Mr. Reuven Shelef

Building and sustaining relationships with members, delivering and communicating with all supporters in new and innovative ways is high on IVN’s priority list. This past year, Reuven Shelef, Founder and President of OUT OF THE BOX Consulting, has, pro bono, helped IVN turn this dream into a reality.

Until recently, IVN managed its database with an older, less functional system, which made ongoing communications with its constituencies challenging. Over the past months, IVN underwent an in-depth evaluation of its needs, as well as a design and customization process. This process resulted in a substantial upgrade of the current processes and the implementation of a Salesforce.com platform, which entailed an analysis of how IVN conducts its activities and involved a massive data migration from the old system to the new one.

The newly implemented Salesforce.com based system enables IVN to continuously build lifelong relationships with its members, track mentors activities and provide tools to drive success and become an even more efficient organization.

“None of this would have been possible without OUT OF THE BOX Consulting’s contribution” says IVN US Director Taly Dunevich. “The OOTB-C team enabled us to gain substantial capabilities in an area that is crucial to our success these days”. She continues and elaborates “They volunteered to lead this project and did it pro bono too – we can’t be thankful enough”.

OUT OF THE BOX Consulting (OOTB-C) is a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner company founded in 2004. OOTB-C implements new Salesforce instances, reconfigures existing ones, and offers full customization and development services on the Salesforce platform. To learn more visit http://www.ootb-c.com