‪IVN Reception at the San Francisco Home of Israel Consul General Dr. Andy David‬‏

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IVN Reception: Home of Israel Consul General Dr. Andy David

IVN Reception: Home of Israel Consul General Dr. Andy David

In the elegant setting of the San Francisco residence of Israel Consul General Dr. Andy David, Thursday night, Feb 28th 2013, IVN’s Eric Benhamou and Taly Dunevich shared with an audience of about 40 people IVN’s work and the newly launched TANDEM Fund.

As examples for the promising social ventures that IVN works with, Ms. Dunevich described in some detail two ventures: Gvanim B’Cafe –  a coffee shop that employs adults with mental illness, and NPTech, Non Profit Technology, who promote and deliver modern technologies to the Israeli nonprofit sector.

Mr. Benhamou talked about IVN’s mission, and past and present success. Many were surprised to learn the source for the name TANDEM: it was not selected arbitrarily, explained Mr. Benhamou, but was rather intended to represent the partnership and collaboration between the ventures selected for investment, and IVN’s mentors assigned to guide them to sustainability.

Dr. David, the Consul General, talked about the tight connection between the Jewish community in the Pacific NorthWest and Israel, as it comes into play when people are called for action.

Unique and original Israeli art was brought and displayed at the event, courtesy of the Israeli Consulate and the museum for cultural preservation in Marin County, CA.  Some of these pieces are featured in photos from this event.

We hope this event served as a springboard for more collaboration and support of the TANDEM fund, and for bringing these community leaders closer to the cause.